Turbo-charged motor and hypoallergenic shaving foil for an irritation-free shaving experience. Close-cut shaving of 0.1mm.
1 year warranty.

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The MONSTERSHAVER houses a very powerful turbo-charged engine and cuts at an impressive speed of 9.000 RPM. Designed to shave at full power until its battery has completely run out.

Equipped with not one but two cutters, made of forged titanium, that allow for a super close cut. The golden hypo-allergenic foils ensure an irritation- and bump-free shaving experience.

The shaver has a lithium-ion battery, providing 120 minutes of usage with only a 90 minute charging time. The MONSTERSHAVER also has a Mini USB recharge function, allowing the shaver to be recharged. Anytime, anywhere.

9.000 RPM cutting speed
Lithium-ion battery
Mini USB charging
44 MM cutting width
Gold hypo-allergenic foils
For bump-free shaving
Forged titanium cutters
Optional USB charging function
Included accessories:

1 x Cleaning brush
1 x USB cable
1 x Universea USB adapter