Get the best of both worlds and more with the Monsterclipper Hybrid Blade. A combination of both the taper blade and the fade blade paired with an upgraded microchipped magnetic motor and high cutting speed of 10.000RPM. Lightweight ergonomical design.
1 year warranty.

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The Monsterclipper Hybrid Blade has a magnet motor that is controlled by an intelligent microchip. This chip ensures that the power and the number of rotations are automatically increased when more resistance is detected.

As a result, this clipper effortlessly cuts through all hair types. In combination with the unique Hybrid Blade and the special deeper teeth of the cutting blade, this clipper is suitable for both “Fading” and “Bulk removal”.

At 10,000 rpm, this is the most powerful clipper currently available. Notably, the Monsterclipper Hybrid blade is relatively quiet despite the very high number of rotations per minute. The cutting blades are DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coated to keep them cool, sharp and rust-free for a longer period.

The clipper fits comfortably in the hand thanks to the ergonomic design and is lightweight. Due to the 2200 mAh lithium battery, you can use the Monster Clipper cordless for 180 minutes, but can also be used corded. The clipper comes with a solid charging station, 7 attachments comb, screwdriver, cleaning brush, clipper oil, extra colored adjustment handles and caps (for full customization).
Double DLC coated blades
120min. charge time
180min. run-time
10.000 RPM
Microchipped Magnetic motor
Custom click or freestyle lever
Cutting length: 0.8mm – 3.5mm
Low Noise
Cord and cordless
Adjustable Zero-gap
Custom body modifications
Supplied accessories:

1 x Blade guard
5 x Magnetic attachment combs (1.5mm / 3mm / 6mm / 10mm / 13mm)
2 x Plastic attachment combs (1.5mm / 4.5mm)
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x 10 cc Clipper oil
1 x Mini screwdriver
1 x Charging stand
1 x AC Adapter
Multiple spare levers in different colours (1 x metallic green, 1 x metallic bronze)
Multiple spare top parts in different colours (1 x metallic green, 1 x metallic bronze, 1 x transparent)